Covid-19 Conditions


Our cottages sit 30 metres apart from each other within 3 acres of grounds which is surrounded by a deer fence. There is also a large private parking area at the end of our drive with footpaths leading to each of the cottages.


On arrival guests will be able to make their own way to their cottage where the keys will be left inside. We will be on site for any questions.


With respect to our cancellation policy in relation to any future Covid-19 restrictions. Only where we are forced to cancel a guest's booking due to the imposition of Scottish Government restrictions closing our accommodation, will the guest affected be fully reimbursed.


If a guest wishes to cancel due to other Covid restriction preventing them from taking up their booking, even though we are open and able to facilitate said booking, alternative dates will be offered. (Please note - any price difference in the cost of the alternative dates may be due if it falls within a more expensive tariff period or conversely refunded if it falls within a less expensive tariff period).