Booking Details


Entry is at 2pm on the day of arrival and guests are also asked to leave by 11am on the day of their departure.


A deposit of 20% of the full rental is payable when booking, with the balance due no later than 6 weeks before the commencement date of the holiday. Unless the booking is made within 6 weeks from the commencement date of the holiday then the full amount will be due.


A £100 Security Deposit is also required in addition to the balance for all bookings. This is just a nominal amount that everyone pays to cover any potential damages and is refunded to you at the end of your stay, all being well.


Please note we will never arbitrarily take money off your Security Deposit. If the need ever does arise to do this, it is always with either the prior agreement with the guest or with clear evidence why this was necessary.


Please read our Terms and Conditions for the details that apply to all bookings.




2023 Tariff


Fern Cottage
Starting Prices for Weekly & *Short-breaks
Booking Period
7 Nights
30 Sep - 27 Oct 2023 £714 £354
28 Oct - 17 Nov 2023 £595 £300
18 Nov - 15 Dec 2023 £525 £261
16 Dec - 08 Jan 2024 £974 *£696


Short breaks of a minimum of 3 days are available on request. The prices shown for these are the starting price and could increase if it crosses a week-end and/or we are unlikely to be able to book out the remainder of the week in question. (Please contact us for confirmation of the price for period you are interested in).

*Bookings over the festive period are a minimum of 4 nights.


All prices displayed are inclusive of VAT, with the exception of the Security Deposit. Payment can be made either by Electronic Transfer or Credit Card. Please see the Payment Details section of our Terms & Conditions page for details of these.


Availability Calendar
Fern Cottage 2023 Availability


If you decide that you would like to go ahead and book Fern Cottage could you please supply the following information via our Bookings email. (Please ensure that you have read our Terms & Conditions before sending a booking request).


- The full name of the person responsible for the booking.

- The requested arrival and departure dates of your holiday.

- The number of adults in the party. (All Guests must be at least 18 years old).

- Preferred payment method.

- A mobile number that we can use to contact you, in case it's necessary.




If you have any specific enquiries you would like to ask us please ring +44 (0)7947-315839 or email Enquiries